Trip to the Singapore Zoo

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Well, it has been a while since I visited Singapore Zoo. Hence I think I should make a trip there and I went to visit the zoo two weeks ago. I noticed there are some new additions and changes to the zoo. It is really interesting to see the animals, their behaviours and also some lovely flowers and plants. Anyway, here are some inspiration photos from my trip to Singapore Zoo.

purple flowers // photo by Melani A {MagsBeadsCreation}

flowers // photo by Melani A {MagsBeadsCreation}

Camouflage // photo by Melani A {MagsBeadsCreation}

Ducks // photo by Melani A {MagsBeadsCreation}

Sleeping // photo by MelaniA {MagsBeadsCreation}

Butterflies // photo by Melani A {MagsBeadsCreation}

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