National Palace Museum - Taipei, Taiwan

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National Palace Museum Taiwan

If you love jewelry (like me!), don't miss out a visit to National Palace Museum when you go to Taipei, Taiwan! I visited this museum during my travel to Taipei in Autumn 2011. The museum have lots of collections including paintings, ceramics and bronzes collections. However, what interests me the most is the carved jades collection especially the Jadeite Cabbage and Meat-shaped Stone. If you look closely from the Jadeite Cabbage, you can see the locus within the leaves. The color of this jade is so amazing that it looks like the real cabbage. And here is the information of this amazing piece from the official website of National Palace Museum:

There is a small post office in the museum where you can send postcard to your home country and I managed to buy this stamp set which has images of the selected collection of museum:

More information on the National Palace Museum from the official website:

And here is some more information from the Taiwan tourism website:

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